Tips on Selecting Flooring

Flooring anchors a room and influences its style even when it's not the main focus. Whether you choose carpeting, or wood, your selection will determine how much it will contribute to both the personality and value of your home.

Because your choices are so many and varied, the selection process can be confusing. We hope our flooring tips will get you started and will inspire you to come in to Florida Floor Fashions and let our experts guide you in completing the process. We’ll find the perfect flooring solution for your specific needs and install it with meticulous care.

Choose Your Source Wisely

The first step in shopping for flooring products is to find the right flooring store. A well-established business specializing in flooring is best to insure you’re dealing with a knowledgeable and skilled provider who offers only good quality products. A flooring specialist will have the expertise to steer you towards the best products and value in your price range. Shop at a discount flooring store and you’ll find “discount” products you may have to replace sooner than you’d expect, incurring installation costs in addition to materials.

Do Your Homework

Before you go shopping, take a good look at the space. What is under your current flooring? Is your space naturally well-lit? What kind of traffic does it endure?

Since most flooring is sold by the square foot or yard, it is helpful to have a rough measurement of the area you want to cover. If your room is a not a simple rectangle, draw a diagram of the spaces, labelling the dimensions of each. Include any closets, built-ins, fireplaces and doorways in your drawing.

When you go shopping, you may want to bring along samples of the fabrics (pillows are a good alternative) used in the room.